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Passport eCare® Patient Engagement Suite

Go beyond online bill pay and reinvent patient billing.

Give patients tools to settle their bills, manage their accounts, schedule appoints, pre-register online, and view lab results with a self-service portal.

  • payment estimate request
  • schedule appointments and pre-register online 
  • charity care applications
  • consolidated billing for hospital and professional services
  • fundraising platform for personal medical bills
  • paperless billing


  • enhance patient satisfaction with online patient portal
  • reduce bad debt and battle medical bankruptcy for patients who don’t qualify for charity
  • eliminate phone calls with self-service for insurance changes, estimates, scheduling appoints, requesting lab results, charity care and payment plans
  • simplify billing experience with up-to-date account information, including claim status and EOBs
  • reduce printing and mailing costs with paperless billing


PatientSimple- Self-service Online Business Office that combines online account management, e-payment, eligibility, charity care, family estimates and patient-friendly paper billing. With PatientSimple, families can access all their updated account information, pay multiple accounts, check insurance claim and deductible status, apply for charity care, request an estimate for services, change insurance information, receive email updates, manage their EOBs, and select paperless billing. 

PatientVisit is a component of PatientSimple that enables patients to request, schedule and confirm appointments, pre-register online, access discharge instructions and more.

PatientGive- Medical billing fundraising tool for your patients that can be integrated with PatientSimple and accessed from your Online Business Office.  All donations go directly to the provider and are applied to the families account. Families can promote their fundraising site on Facebook, view comments from family and friends and post updates on their progress.

Smart Statements- Patient-friendly billing communications that provide a full-disclosure of all the critical financial and insurance information in the hospital A/R system in a single account or consolidated monthly statement format and educate families on complex billing and insurance issues and promoting preventative services.  Passport’s web interface allows the business office and marketing department to drive timely and relevant messages that can be updated daily, weekly or monthly on the statements. 

Patient FastPass- Passport's Patient FastPass is secure, reliable and optimized for the Apple iPad 3, iPhone5, 4S and 4, Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy SIII. Its intuitive interface enables patients to check-in, verify insurance and deductible information, electronically sign consent forms, ABNs and more.