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Passport eCare® Claims Suite

Manage.  Reconcile.  Leverage.

The Passport eCare Claims Suite provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with a complete set of solutions and services to ensure that clean claims are submitted, edits and denials are worked in priority order, reimbursements are paid correctly and payments are posted properly.  This centralized management and automation of the claims processes allows for a high degree of customization and ensures Payment Certainty for Every Patient.

Custom Systems
Use our best practices or build your own. Our best practices are continually refined by our users and your solution will reflect exactly what you need.

Total Accountability and Control
Claims imported into the system are trackable and reportable from pre-submission to payer acceptance. You have total control and accountability eliminating “black holes” where claims can be lost.

Reduce A/R Days
Improved claim quality and real-time claim delivery accelerates the entire claims process resulting in greater revenue with less effort. 

Claims Suite Solutions & Services:

ClaimSource - A web-based claim management system that gives users complete accountability across the entire claim life cycle. Using a proprietary and customizable intelligent workflow rules engine, ClaimSource automatically prioritizes claims, payments, and denials enabling your staff to work the highest impact accounts first, resulting in improved efficiency and increased revenues.

ContractSimple - Reimbursement management solution that reconciles claims against payer payment/vouchers. ContractSimple will locate variances by comparing what the payer actually paid to what your contract states should have been paid.

Posting - Automates the task of manually posting payment information from your remits and other important billing information back into your host Hospital Information System (HIS). Our posting technology is fully customizable to fit your business rules and works using either using a variety of scripting and file based methods to help you save time and improve data accuracy.

Claims Consulting & Outsourcing - is offered through The Cosand Group, an affiliated company of Passport. Cosand’s experienced claims staff supplies the resources and expertise you need to significantly increase reimbursements from commercial and government payers. Available for short or long term projects, Cosand will analyze your day-to-day administrative operations and provide proven solutions to your most pressing claims and billing needs.

No matter how you submit claims, the Passport eCare Claims Suite will clean and streamline the submission process, identify and prioritize the most profitable work items and increase the revenues your facility needs to sustain its healthcare mission.