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Passport eCare® Best Payment Suite

Enterprise-wise system to collect entire patient balance. 

The Best Payment Suite delivers Payment Certainty for Every Patient because it helps patients understand how much they will owe and determine how it will be paid - before or at the point of service, where the likelihood of collection is highest. 

Patient financial responsibility is at an all time high, with only upward projections for the future.  Pressure for providers to be transparent with pricing continues to increase.  Patients are growing increasingly savvy and selective in their choices of where to have healthcare services performed.  Given these trends, a best practices approach to patient payments is necessary for the financial and overall health of any healthcare organization and makes sure every patient leaves knowing what they owe and how the balance will be paid.

  • Explain to patients what they will owe at the time of service
  • Always present the estimate of current services and all balances from previous visits
  • Triage patients for Medicaid and charity eligibility before asking for payment
  • Enroll eligible patients for Medicaid before rendering service
  • Extend hospital charity to those who qualify
  • Securely accept payment upfront for smaller balances
  • Extend payment terms and fundraising options for larger balances

Best Payment Solutions:

Patient Payment Estimator - A quick and accurate method of providing patient-friendly cost estimates. Calculate estimates based on price information in the chargemaster, payer contracted rates and patient eligibility and benefits information.

PayNav - An automated financial screening tool that produces a fair and accurate up-front determination of a patient's Medicaid and charity eligibility.

PaymentSafe - Secure enterprise solution for processing patient payments that ensures the total amount due is collected from each patient through the automatic presentation of outstanding balances from previous visits across the entire system and the setup of automated payment plans.  Patients can pay at the point of service with cash, e-Check, credit or debit cards.

CharityGuide- Automated eligibility assessment, enrollment and reporting for Medicaid, hospital financial assistance and other government assistance programs.

All of the above solutions are available within eCare NEXT, the industry's most comprehensive, exception-based, integrated workflow system for managing the revenue cycle.