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Passport eCare® ClaimSource is an innovative, web-based claim management system that gives users complete accountability across the entire claim life cycle. Using a proprietary and customizable intelligent workflow rules engine, ClaimSource automatically prioritizes claims, payments and denials, enabling your staff to work the highest impact accounts first, resulting in improved efficiency and increased revenues.

  • Secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant online access 24/7
  • Simple centralized management of entire claims inventory
  • Fully scalable to support a single healthcare facility or a large entity
  • Limitless site-specific edits and customizations


ClaimSource integrates seamlessly with Passport’s other Payment Certainty solutions - including those traditionally used in the Patient Access and Registration areas. Users can access insurance eligibility, patient demographics, payer compliance as well as claims and claim status from a single framework.

Patient Access meets the Business Office and delivers Payment Certainty for Every Patient™.


Passport eCare ClaimSource is part of eCare Claims Suite and was developed by Nebo Systems, a division of Passport Health Communications Inc. with more than 20 years of claims management expertise.

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