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PaymentSafe® - Now with Account History and Remittance Files

PaymentSafe is the health care industry’s most advanced solution for processing patient payments prior to or at the point of service. Collecting patient payments is critical to increasing overall revenue and avoiding bad debt write-offs. PaymentSafe provides an efficient, seamless patient payment process that is easy for staff and for patients and gives hospitals complete control of patient collections.

And with account history, PaymentSafe will be pre-populated with the outstanding balances from previous visits across the entire system. Your financial counselors will always be collecting the total amount due for all encounters, not just the current visit. Additionally, now that remittance files are automatically included, you will be certain that each and every collection is properly posted in a timely fashion, saving you time and increasing payment accuracy.

Quickly collect patient payments anyway and anywhereeChecking, signature debit, credit, recurring billing, cash, check and money orders are available via a simple to use web tool. All payments are settled automatically and remitted electronically. Money can be accepted anywhere in the enterprise, everywhere in the revenue cycle.

One set of tools. One source of data. One set of scripts and reports. PaymentSafe turns every patient encounter into a collection opportunity.