Strengthening Your Collections

PayNav is an automated financial screening tool that produces a fair and accurate up-front determination of a patient's charity potential and propensity-to-pay. It uses reliable financial information to recommend the appropriate financial pathway for every patient:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Extend financing or discounts 
  • Collect balance

By utilizing a proven combination of patient-given information, updated consumer data, tested logic and the hospital’s charity policy, PayNav fairly and accurately distinguishes financially needy patients from those who have the ability to pay. In previous studies, PayNav's logic has consistently delivered a 95% or better match rate to a hospital’s manual charity process. 

PayNav is a service of Passport’s eCare® Patient Access Suite. Within eCare, PayNav, Patient Payment Estimator and PaymentSafe combine to deliver healthcare’s leading toolset for assessing and collecting patient balances.

Collect with confidence knowing each patient has been thoroughly assessed and assigned to the appropriate financial pathway. Offer government or charity assistance only to those who truly qualify; collect payment from the rest.