OrderRite is an online service that facilitates the prior authorization inquiry and submission processes. Inquiries are 100% automated and take place behind the scenes without user intervention. Submissions guide the user through the workflow, auto-filling all of the information that Passport has received and prompting the user only if their intervention is required.

Passport’s Preauthorization Knowledgebase stores and dynamically updates payer prior authorization requirements. Users can manually check whether prior authorization is required for a particular procedure or service, and the Knowledgebase will automatically respond to interface queries with prior authorization requirement information. 

Authorization Management 

  • Automates inquiries and monitors status without user intervention
  • Facilitates the submission process
  • Leverages the industry’s most complete prior authorization knowledgebase
  • Automatically reconciles ordered vs. performed procedures
  • Securely encrypts user and payer data, ensuring HIPAA compliant transactions
  • Automates outbound and inbound fax process between providers and payers


  • Prevent denials due to missing prior authorizations
  • Eliminate uncertainty surrounding prior authorization requirements
  • Reduce manual workload for your users
  • Reduce A/R days


OrderRite and Eliminate the Uncertainty!