I have been in the industry more than 10 years and have used your competitors and you have by FAR the easiest to use product.  Kaiser Colorado has the integrated interface (which I would HIGHLY recommend!) and it has literally changed our life. Between our decreased denials and increased revenue....your product has made a huge difference in our success.
Brandon M. Burnett
Senior Manager
Patient Registration
Financial Counseling


OneSource is a stand-alone, Web-based user interface offering a robust set of services, payers and features that help verify patient demographic and insurance information, identify coverages, maintain payer compliance, accurately estimate and collect patient payments and more.  

Single and multiple inquiries can be processed real time with immediate responses, giving you fast access to the information you need to ensure you will get paid for the services you perform.

It's not just insurance eligibility.  OneSource provides access to a range of patient access services including patient address verification and payment estimation, order checking, eCashiering and claim status.

It's accessible 24/7 from any computer or workstation with a browser and Internet.

It's quickly deployed. No software to install.  No IT involvement.  No licensing fees.

It's customized by user, with access privileges assigned based on user responsibility and role.  Key decision-influencing elements are highlighted, allowing registrars to respond quickly.

Its responses are standardized by payer and data source so training is fast, employees are efficient and patients are processed quickly.

OneSource services ensure proper reimbursement, increase staff efficiency and increase cash collections.


OneSource Case Studies

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