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BatchSource allows for automation to upload, process and download files for a variety of transactions across the revenue cycle, including address verification, self-pay review, credit scoring, Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH), pre-registration and claim status. It processes patient data files and returns the response data in standard database reports (e.g., Microsoft® Office Excel, Microsoft® Office Access) or customized according to facility specifications, dramatically streamlining processes, reducing staff workload and decreasing claim denials. It provides rich, actionable information through client-defined rules and cascading transactions. 

Realize immediate ROI with low or no up-front costs.  Quickly see reductions in patient data errors, claim denials and returned mail and improvements in collections and staff efficiency. 

Increase staff efficiency by deploying a single source for multi-payer data that reduces manual processes, patient data errors, claim denials and returned mail.  Worklist indicating which accounts contain errors allow employees to bypass clean accounts and work only those that need follow up. 

Complete your Patient Access Workflow by using BatchSource in conjunction with other eCare® Patient Access Solutions.

BatchSource Case Studies

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