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Partnership Opportunities

Passport develops strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations to offer our clients the opportunity to draw on a more robust network of health care intelligence and experience. These partners must possess an unwavering commitment to customer service, and solutions that seamlessly align or integrate with Passport’s products and services.

The revenue cycle is an extensive series of people, processes and technology that facilitate the short- and long-term financial viability of a health care provider. In general, Passport partners are segmented into three key areas:

Channel Partners offer complementary services but may not directly interact with Passport products. In some cases, these are consulting firms that specialize in a particular area of the revenue cycle, including but not limited to patient monitoring, case management, payer contract assessment or financial analysis.

Content Partners provide information that improves the data quality within Passport products. Typically these companies collect and manage a significant source of data and rely upon partners for deployment. These may range from insurance payers to credit reporting agencies.

Technology Partners offer products that can be integrated to extend overall product functionality. The respective partner customers receive improved product utilization by their users while managing fewer stand-alone applications.