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Our Partners


  • Payment Management


    Bluemark, LLC is a professional healthcare technology firm based in New Paltz, New York. One of the core tenets of Bluemark, LLC is to provide business process solutions to maximize revenue and improve workflow efficiencies within the revenue cycle.

    The company’s product lines provide dynamic solutions to support the assessment, enrollment and eligibility determination processes associated with public benefit programs such as Medicaid and Hospital Financial Assistance. Bluemark's solutions focus on the need for providers to quickly and accurately assess the uninsured or underinsured population and properly qualify them for the appropriate program to ensure and maximize reimbursement.

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  • Health Information Systems

    MEDHOST, formerly  Health Management Systems, Inc. (HMS) is a Nashville-based healthcare company that develops, sells and supports integrated clinical and financial hospital information systems and services designed to increase efficiency while improving patient safety. Founded in 1984, MEDHOST currently serves nearly 1,000 community hospitals; behavioral, rehabilitation and long-term acute care facilities and multi-entity healthcare organizations nationwide. For more information, please contact . or call 800.383.3317.


  • Practice Management Solutions



    Brightree LLC is the leading provider of business management software solutions for Home Medical Equipment (HME) providers, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) practitioners, and Sleep Labs. Brightree’s unique Internet-based solutions follow the natural workflow of our users to automate and improve how they manage their business. Brightree is the only business management software solution endorsed by Invacare Corporation as well as the 2,200+ VGM member service organization. Brightree serves more than 1,200 providers in the USA. For further information, visit or call 1.888.598.7797.

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  • Patient Experience Survey Solutions

    Medical GPS 

    MedicalGPS® specializes in the delivery of services and products that provide actionable information to the fingertips of healthcare professionals.  Using GPSMapping®, MedicalGPS®' proprietary business intelligence information system, physicians, administrators and other healthcare decision makers have access to a full array of Internet-based decision support tools including: chronic disease management modules, provider-to-patient connectivity, financial & clinical benchmarking dashboards, coding profiles, payor mix & reimbursement trends and other tools designed to maximize the patient’s experience and optimize care.  Unique to MedicalGPS® product offerings is M3-Patient Experience, a real-time patient feedback system that monitors, measures and maximizes patient loyalty and patient retention.

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