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Insurance Eligibility Verification by Passport Health


Insurance Eligibility Verification for Healthcare Providers and Medical Practices

Insurance Eligibility Verification is the vital process of checking patient’s insurance eligibility often results in billing errors, insurance coverage concerns and delays across key government and commercial insurance companies.

According to industry research, 1 in 4 claims are delayed, denied or rejected due to issues with verification of insurance eligibility.  Passport clients have a proven ROI when verifying benefits and eligibility.

Passport insurance eligibility verification provides individual payer eligibility and benefit data on a real-time basis.  While other companies claim to provide eligibility, Passport sets itself apart by normalizing the eligibility data and crafting a response that is easy to read and navigate.

The ability to verify a patient’s eligibility/benefit information at the point of patient access is critical. Our eligibility services are accessible through our batch, browser and integrated solutions at both the front-end (during patient registration) and at the back-end (for billing and collections).

As with all of our patient access solutions and services, verifying eligibility requires no software.

  • Verify coverage and benefits data from an extensive list of payers before services are provided
  • Submit patient information and receive coverage response immediately
  • Collect co-payments at the time of service
  • Eliminates countless hours verifying patient eligibility via the telephone
  • Increase upfront collections
  • Reduce rejections and denials
  • Increase efficiency and staff productivity
  • Improve cash flow
  • Improve patient satisfaction