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The ABN is a report given to Medicare beneficiaries to keep patients informed that Medicare is unfortunately not likely to pay for various services. The notice must be given to the patient before services are performed.

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Advance Beneficiary Notice / Medicare Waiver of Liability


What is an Advance Beneficiary Notice, or ABN? It is a notice of Non-Coverage, also known as a "Medicare Waiver of Liability." It is given to Medicare Beneficiaries by physicians, providers, or suppliers, when they believe Medicare will deny services due to necessity or frequency.

Since Medicare does not pay for all health care costs, it is extremely important for providers to be up-front with patients and educate them about the ABN - or Medicare Waiver of Liability. It should be used if Medicare covers the service for some diagnoses, but the provider believes it won't be covered for another situation. Despite belief to the contrary, it is not designed for use when Medicare never covers a service.

Medicare only pays for covered items and services when Medicare rules are met. The fact that Medicare may not pay for a particular item or service does not mean that a patient should not receive it.

The ABN (also known as Advance Beneficiary Notice or Medicare Waiver of Liability) gives the patient the opportunity to accept or refuse recommended items and services and protects all parties from unexpected financial liabilities.

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