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Passport 837 v5010 Claim Readiness

Passport has met the challenges of working through the various claim format changes over the years including UB82, UB92, UB04, NSF, 837 v4010, and now 837 v5010.  Our primary goal throughout these conversions has always been to keep our provider’s cashflow as consistent as possible. 

The transition to 837 v5010 has been particularly fluid for many payers.  Some payers are still not ready to accept the 5010 format and/or provide accurate and timely acceptance and rejection reports.  We are constantly monitoring the 5010 readiness of our trading partners and making adjustments and recommendations accordingly. 

Regardless of the file format that you send to us, we will deliver to each payer the format that optimizes the adjudication process.  Our ability to quickly respond to issues minimizes the impact to your payment certainty.

Passport has invested considerably in 5010 preparation and testing, and it has paid off for our clients.  We enjoyed successful testing with Medicare on CMS 5010 National Testing Day on June 15, 2011 and had a 100% acceptance rate as we tested for several of our providers.  We were equally as successful with an even larger sample of providers and claims during the CMS 5010 National Testing Week in August.

Additionally, on August 25, 2011, Passport was notified that it met the requirements of the EHNAC 5010 Readiness Assessment Program, meaning that EHNAC recognizes that our planning and preparation activities are consistent with CMS industry guidelines for analysis, testing and implementation of the 5010 version of the HIPAA transactions, mandated for use after January 1, 2012.  Once again, our score was 100%.

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