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Archived Webinars

The following webinars were previously held and recorded for viewing on demand. 

Recorded Webinars

  • Financial Screening in the Age of the Affordable Care Act

    View this webinar to find out how to implement automated processes to screen high volumes of patients at the point of service to determine if they qualify for Medicaid, charity or other financial assistance programs. Learn how to increase staff productivity and minimize patient bad debt with the increased population of self-pay patients. Access Now
  • 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Claims Payments

    Industry estimates show that healthcare organizations devote more than $83,000 per physician per year to interactions with payers, and many of these are the direct result of claim errors. Access Now
  • How to Take the Element of Surprise Out of Payer Policy Changes

    Surprises can be good, but not when they lead to claim denials. And trying to manually track all policy changes that impact your bottom line is fruitless. View this webinar to learn how Washington University School of Medicine used Payer Alerts to reduce claims denials, optimize reimbursement, streamline staff time, among other benefits. Access Now
  • 8 Secrets to Successful Implementation and Optimization of Pricing Transparency

    Communicating pricing transparency is a complex journey requiring the understanding of physician, clinical, hospital and financial information as well as regulatory requirements. Watch this Webinar for a guided tour through the complexities as you move forward to engage patients with their healthcare decisions, improve patient satisfaction and, at the same time, remain an excellent financial steward. Access Now
  • 5 Ways to Better Manage Your Patient Population

    View this recorded webinar to find out how to transition from fee-for-service to coordinated care. You’ll learn best practices and tips to help you track your patients’ entire course of care--from initial diagnosis through full recovery. Access Now
  • Your Patient Portal May Be More Vulnerable Than You Think

    Address portal security issues before it’s too late. Learn how to authenticate patients confidently and reduce risk during new patient enrollment and ongoing access to portals. Access Now
  • How Much Lost Revenue Can You Recover?

    How much lost revenue can you recover? Learn how Massachusetts General Physicians Organization identified, appealed and recovered $1M in revenue using Experian Health’s Contract Management solution. Access Now
  • Optimize Your Collections Strategies

    Find out how to optimize your collections strategies to address the increase in high deductibles and rise in self-pay. During this event, you’ll learn the 8 things you need to know to improve self-pay collections. Access Now
  • Automate Pre-certification to Achieve Payment Certainty

    Get tips on how to automate pre-certification to achieve payment certainty. Hear how Premier Health saved $600,000 per year, improved turnaround time and increased physician satisfaction. Access Now
  • Securely Authenticate, Validate and Risk Assess Patient Identities

    Are your online patient portal authentication and enrollment processes automated? With Experian Precise ID℠ for healthcare portals, your organization can quickly and securely authenticate, validate and risk assess patient identities prior to granting access to medical information online. Access Now
  • Learn how Emory Healthcare Collected $2.8M in Pre-payments in FY13

    With patients shouldering greater financial responsibility for their healthcare costs, patient collections continue to be challenging to secure. Learn how Emory Healthcare collected $2.8M in pre-payments in FY13. Access Now
  • Learn Tips and Tricks on Ways to Increase Your Self-pay Patient Collections

    Learn tips and tricks on ways to increase your self-pay patient collections. We’ll show you how your organization can leverage tools to increase patient collections, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction. Access Now
  • Find Out How Sansum Clinic Uses a Combination of Software to Determine Financial Implications

    Find out how Sansum Clinic uses a combination of software and expert services to monitor payer contract compliance, audit reimbursement accuracy, determine the financial implications of new and proposed payer contract terms and monitor frequent payer policy and procedure changes. Access Now