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Passport Speakers Bureau Topics

Passport’s business knowledge experts are available and eager to share their expertise with healthcare professionals and industry organizations. If you are interested in a topic that does not appear on this list, please contact

Traveling the Touchless World of Patient Access 2014
Technology makes ”touchless” processing of patients a reality. Patient portals, automated rules engines and ubiquitous mobile communication devices are rapidly changing the way healthcare providers communicate with their patients. Touchless, the cutting edge method of encounter management, introduces automated HIX enrollment, IRS income validation and impacts the entire the revenue cycle. From the physician order to arrival to discharge medication information, screenings and yearly physical reminders, touchless processing can set the ball in motion for a cutting edge revenue cycle pathway. It is possible to head off readmission penalties, improve patient satisfaction and patient engagement. Explore the technology that makes touchless patient encounter management possible. Understand the advantages of going touchless and learn how it can accelerate your revenue cycle and reduce administrative costs. Discover where ROI can be expected with touchless processing. This is a new journey. Enjoy the trip.

Registration Quality Tools and Payment Estimators: Lessons Learned
More than seven years of real-world experience with registration quality tools and patient liability estimators have produced valuable feedback, success stories and failures! Pricing Transparency, Collections and registration quality management issues are explored. Unexpected results will come to light. Discover new perspectives where the paths of automation and expectations meet.

Discharge-Readmission: This Rendezvous is OVER!
Today, acute care providers cannot restrict their focus to the confines of the hospital. Post acute care is now determining the hospital’s quality score, which affects hospital reimbursement under Value Based Purchasing and Accountable Care Organization payments. Under the Bundled Payments trial, the hospital is also responsible for billing and distributing the post acute care payment. The good news is that hospitals have everything they need at registration to plan the next step of care. Discover how discharge planning can be moved to the registration workflow and discover the advantages of making this process change in the revenue cycle.

Flying Past the Hot Seat
Transform the experience for everyone right from the start! Learn how tablets, e-signatures, physician orders, integrated revenue cycle applications and more, can transform the patient encounter. Orders impact patient safety, regulatory compliance, denial prevention, resource consumption, reimbursement and patient throughput. Intelligent rules-based applications can improve outcomes and increase physician, patient and employee satisfaction immediately. Learn how to enable physician and providers to connect processes across the revenue cycle. Evaluate how automated real time rules based tools can create new workflow opportunities resulting in both patient centric care and revenue centric results. Take yourself out of the HOT seat!

Try This on For Size
In order to manage the constantly changing responsibilities faced by the healthcare “Sales Force” (currently Patient Access) a new vision is required. Dealing with industry changes & new technology requires a different skill set than the traditional Patient Access job description. Creating a new vision will include insurance enrollment, “work from home” models, flexible work schedules, e/mhealth automation and skills/education requirements that exceed previous models. What changed? How will this impact how we have thought historically? Healthcare reform means Access reform. Explore new requirements, regulatory issues and how changing the Access model can produce positive ROI. Examine predicable obsolescence, new job descriptions, and hiring the right candidates. Evaluate alternatives to traditional roles.

Operationalizing New Transparency Expectations and Requirements – The New Normal
Communicating pricing transparency is a complex process requiring an understanding of physician, clinical, hospital and financial information as well as regulatory requirements. It’s not for the timid - yet certainly an attainable goal. Pricing transparency can reverberate throughout the entire continuum of care! Patient settings vary and each has its nuances. Learn how to make what seems impossible, a reality. The trick is to provide standardized communication processes to patients 24 X 7.  Explore the new normal that will prevail as the industry moves forward with the Affordable Care Act and how to accomplish the call for transparency that comes along with it. 

Closing the Loop: From Orders to Schedulstration and Clinical Results
Healthcare Financial Managers can close the loop! Automated and integrated tools enable them to connect orders, pre-service clearance, patient tracking, bed reservations, scheduling, referral authorizations, results and clinical decision making for continuity of patient care. State-of-the-art technology can provide efficient solutions for patient-centric care.

Healthcare’s eTicket Transforms the Revenue Cycle and Patient Experience
Patient Access begins at the physician office. Learn how automated physician orders (eTickets) transform the patient encounter. eTickets impact patient safety, regulatory compliance, denial reduction, resource consumption, medical necessity, eligibility, patient throughput and patient satisfaction. Intelligent rules-based applications can improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction immediately.

Putting The Revenue Back in The Revenue Cycle
The days of being shy about asking for payment and waiting to collect anything until after the claim is dropped are gone. Payment certainty is necessary for healthcare providers to continue to deliver exceptional quality care. Learn industry best practices for point of service collection, security and PCI compliance, the financial impacts of integrating collections and how the collection process affects patient satisfaction and overall care. See how innovative technology has changed the way hospitals are collecting while learning about the new security standards for both patient and payment data. Witness the evolution of healthcare collections and the importance it will continue to have in the revenue cycle.

Unsolved Mysteries: Consumer Driven Health and Healthcare Reform
Explore how healthcare reform issues impact new delivery models: Concierge Medicine, insurance exchanges, quality scores, value based purchasing and more. Lifestyle decisions are impacting consumer accountability and healthcare delivery of the future. Healthcare reform provisions will continue so it’s not over yet! Quality scores, reduction of benefits and lifestyle decisions factor into these changes. Learn about ways to improve our population’s lifestyle choices so better decisions must be made regarding behavior and personal health responsibility. Learn some shocking facts about how even small choices affect our health. Find answers to the question, "why are we so sick?"

Point of Service Collections:  It’s More Than Just Asking!
How do you increase Point of Service Collections? When do we ask patients for money? Is there a “best” time to collect?  Learn the answers to these questions and see how automation delivers real-time insurance and financial data to transform the collection process. Manual processes can be cumbersome and non-standard adding unnecessary risk to the patient encounter. Learn how to streamline and standardize your collection processes and deliver pricing transparency. Explore the success stories of providers who have made the journey and find out how to improve your POS collections.

The Phenomenal Impact of an Integrated Revenue Cycle
Learn how the various components of the revenue cycle interact, and how integrated technology can be leveraged to produce a more efficient workflow process. Integration produces better patient interaction, improved data collection, and ultimately more favorable financial outcomes. See how technology has enhanced staff paradigms and understand the advantages of linking individual steps within the revenue cycle to increase synergistic impact.

Be A Winner!
Collecting money is not offensive in the healthcare arena. It has been successfully done for decades. However, a new day has dawned and process and technology must align with consumer expectations and revenue cycle goals. Take the journey with us and explore how to set the stage for incremental success in the world of collections and denials. Explore common principles of successful collection and denial prevention that are often overlooked and understand how automation must play a role to achieve the desired outcomes.

Illinois Medicaid Care Coordination
States have traditionally provided people Medicaid benefits using a fee-for-service system. Illinois Medicaid is in the process of implementing a managed care delivery system for Medicaid benefits. In a managed care delivery system, people get most or all of their Medicaid services from an organization under contract with the state. It may be an unwelcome change for providers.

The Importance of Eligibility in the Revenue Cycle
Eligibility plays a very significant part in the healthcare revenue cycle. Moreover, the process involves much more than just verification of coverage. The absolute key is to find an affordable, cost-effective solution that facilitates accurate response interpretation. Content enrichment can literally create a payer-specific EDI response from data previously available via payer website only. Learn the key differentiators between commoditized eligibility data and an "eligibility system." Explore the degree of interoperability between downstream systems, including disparate systems. And remember, don’t let best get in the way of better when exploring the options. It is not a case of one size fits all!


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