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Covenant’s Patient Access Department has undergone a complete overhaul in the last 9 months.  We have designed a system to allow us to financial clear patients prior to arrival creating a sacred encounter when the patient is here for services.  We were able to do this by pulling together a multidisciplinary team and utilizing Greenbelt/Lean Processes.  We created a Universal Reservation Form that is required to schedule procedures/tests.  This form contains the critical data elements needed to complete verification, benefits, auths, precerts and check for medical necessity.  The Universal Reservation may be completed by using screen scrape from the physician EMR or can be downloaded and filled in manually.  This form is faxed to a virtual fax machine and then parsed out to all areas that would need the order (HIM, Admitting, Pre-Admission Testing, Ancillary Departments). 

After verifying benefits and obtaining auths, the patient is contacted to discuss patient responsibility, collect payment over the phone and answer any questions the patient might have.  When the patient arrives, they are met at the door by a greeter, escorted to registration where a packet is waiting with all needed information, the COA is signed and the patient is escorted to the service area.  By implementing this process we have improved both internal and external customer satisfaction. 

We have increased point of service collections, patient satisfaction and physician satisfaction, the patient is arriving in service area timely, our denials have decreased, we have eliminated lost, missing or incomplete orders, our need for ABNs have decreased, we have decreased the number of calls back and forth with physician offices and all parties involved have better relationships.  We call our clearance department the IMPACT Center.  IMPACT stands for:

  • Individuals
  • Making
  • Patient
  • Access
  • Complete and
  • Timely


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