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Great success is a result of many factors but, in my opinion, hard-working leadership tops the list. At University Hospital Geauga Medical Center we have a Patient Access Department of very conscientious hard workers lead by a top-notch team leader who appreciates and values our hard work. Surely other PAS departments work very hard, therefore it is my intent to share successes that we have experienced and that perhaps, many have not.

Working hard and knowing that your hard work is appreciated is crucial. Denise, our manager and team leader,  shows us in a profound manner.

Denise holds regular staff meetings every month. These meetings last, typically, an hour and a half. Exceptionally helpful information is share with all of us. The good as well as the ugly, any changes in procedures, positive feedback etc.  The procedural materials shared at these meetings assist us in maintaining a working knowledge of all up to date registration policies and procedures. She will always share the scores achieved at our facility, of course highlighting our department, which most times are great. It is her way of letting us know that our hard work produced positive results. It is Denise’s practice to share achievements of team members, and comments or feedback from our patients as well. These items  may motivate another co-worker, which in turn may produce increased success. She is always showing us she appreciates our efforts, in so many ways I could not possibly itemize them all.

With the help of our “Engagement Team” - a group of 5/6 employees and Denise, events are planned, pot luck lunches are planned. One recent event was  “What do you like to do on a rainy day?” A poster was hung with that question posed. Little die cut sprinkling cans and rubber boots were provided to each of us to decorate and  put our answer on. We then placed our die cuts, all decorated and with our answer on it onto the poster. The same was done for “What your favorite thing to do on a summer day?” We learn so much about what is important to our co-workers. Somehow knowing more you tend to take an interest and care a little more. You might find you have something in common with someone you might never see outside of work! These simple efforts bring us closer as a team.

In addition, l think actions speak voluminously. We are aware that no one is asked to do anything that Denise, herself,  wouldn’t do. If a shift is unfilled - - and there isn’t anyone that can fill it, Denise will fill it, even if it is a third shift, ER, or on a holiday. These actions are respected. Great Managers, I think it is fair to say, exhibit behaviors consistent with what they would like to see from their team.

Our office, though small in square footage, is productive and utilizes every inch of space. Printers and faxes centrally placed so one can actually hear, from their office, when a document is printed so it can promptly be given the attention required. Organization and possessing all the tools you need are another crucial piece of the puzzle.

In addition to the main office, we have PAS representatives in various departments throughout the hospital, (ex. Outpatient Lab, Diagnostic Imaging, Seidman Cancer Center.) We are checking in our patients at the point of service. By doing this we are establishing a working relationship with that department and are offering a convenience to our patients. Maintaining excellent customer service skills with patients and with the departments within the facility play another key role.

Wherever it is you find a PAS representative I can assure you we are all aware that we are the Gateway to Excellence in Healthcare. Each team member knows that it is up to us to provide quality and thorough care in patient registration and all of its support processes to patients, providers, and payors throughout the healthcare experience. It is crucial we make a positive first impression and serve as the key component to putting every healthcare visit in motion. Thanks to Denise, our entire team is engaged and we know that it all starts and ends with patient access management. We work hard to pave the road to success for our patients and our facilities.

In conclusion, I’ve share with you, not one, but many essential elements that work together to improve our processes and customer satisfaction at our facility. I hope that they will be of value to others and can be applied to other PAS departments. Without the leadership of Denise we could not be the good will ambassadors we are nor achieve the success that we have.

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