Remember to always treat the person (patient) in front of you as though they are your family. You always want the best for your family, so treating the patient this same way lets them know that we are concern about them and will do everything possible to make sure this policy is always into play. Making sure that we use all equipment that is available to us to make sure the patient has no delays. Passport is one major part; it helps us not only to verify insurance and the possible co-pay, but to also verify address, social security and birthdays. What a great tool to have when working with a patient.

Making sure we make notes so whoever takes care of the patient will be aware of all the events that happen before the patient arrived. Ordering the procedure and verifying the doctor, CPT Codes, and icd9 codes are very important when helping the patient. So identifying all the information is vital, not only do our per-cert team, help out with getting pre-certs, but also our admitting and scheduling staff help in making sure orders are correct with diagnosis, per-cert and correct procedures.

I truly love working with the team that we have here at Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. We all try to show compassion and care to patients. Making sure we use all the tools that are available to us is vitally important to us all in Central Scheduling. I love Passport, especially when putting in procedures for new patients, it helps to make sure we have the right person for the right social security number, and to make sure the last name is correct; you will be amazed how many people we run into that are married and we still have them with their maiden names. This helps in the decrease of duplicate accounts.

This helps our scheduling department to be a better team and a better staff throughout.


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