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Here at the Queen of the Valley, our patient’s satisfaction is a part of our long history and is found amongst our four core values of which are Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice. 

Each patient is treated with the utmost importance from pre-registration to follow up even after the patient has checked out.  Patients are encouraged to pre-register online for all services that we provide for them and have the availability to reach out for assistance so that they are reassured through the complete process so that the patient is fully aware of all expected forms, costs, and any payment that is due, such as towards their deductible, on the day they come in for the services.  We offer translation services for those patients that are not fluent in English so that all our patients feel more at ease during all of the services for a safe and successful stay with our facility. 

During Pre-Admission stays, we offer our patients both face-to-face visits as well as telephone interviews depending on the patient’s medical necessities.  These are scheduled well in advance, at least 3 to 10 days in advance of any surgery or services that the patient is being scheduled for.  Some are even further in advance depending on the type of services that are going to be getting scheduled for the patient.  We always let the patients know what to bring to their pre-admission visit and what they can expect to do in regards to the set visit, such as pre-tests, assessments, getting medical history not already available, payments required by their insurance deductible, co-insurance, and or discussing our payment plan arrangements and financial assistance application.

We treat each patient with the Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice with the utmost sincerity that each and every one of them deserves while here at the Queen of the Valley Medical Center.  Regardless of their ability to pay or not, each of our patients are all treated equally and we here at the Queen of the Valley all work at providing the highest quality and compassionate care to our patients so they have no doubt that they will always be treated with respect and be there for them in their time of need.  We offer pre-certification of Financial Assistance for those patients with or without insurance to help cover their costs so that they can have that peace of mind prior to their services that the worry of expenses can be one less worry they need to think about. 

These four values are what inspire us and what causes all of us to achieve and reach out to our patients in not only helping them during their stays here with us, but we also help assist in our community, to help with all whom we serve in helping assist in being there for them to help heal those in need whether in mind, body or spirit it is what drives us to achieve excellence.

I started out as a temporary worker here at the Queen of the Valley back in January of 2009 and was truly inspired by the Mission behind the health system here but was then made permanent a little over a year later (ironically I was born at one of the sister hospitals in Fullerton, CA, St. Jude Hospital).  Since then, I have worked with exceptional people, all of whom have our patients best interests at heart and feel that all of us, as a whole, are striving together in these economically challenging times to continue helping out our community and patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year and will continue to do so as the health and quality of life is so important to us in our community.

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