The PAS team at Methodist Fayette deserves The Gateway in Excellence in Healthcare because they truly have their hearts in what they do. They realize that the first impression is made with them. A few examples of this are as follows: They treat the patient as if they are family, often offering them coffee, a warm blanket, and words of encouragement. They always tell the patient when leaving that they hope they feel better and are genuinely concerned. Processes have been implemented to ease the wait time. Some of these processes were to have the entire staff obtain passwords to Passport. This has truly solved some of our verification issues. Once we know what their insurance pays we know what to tell them to expect to pay and what their insurance should pay. Some patients have no idea what their insurance will cover and this allows PAS to give them information and put the patient at ease as to what their insurance will pay. This has allowed PAS to give education to them in regards to their insurance.

We have gone to Centralized Scheduling which has helped physician offices and the patient to call one number to schedule and get reminder calls for scheduled testing. We are in the process of going on One Chart that will go live in May. We are a small rural hospital and to be able to offer this technology to a small community is priceless. A lot of times bigger hospitals think because we have fewer patients that PAS is not as important. Each patient should be treated like they are the only patients and that is what we do at Methodist Fayette.

We monitor responses on Patient Surveys to the questions: Courtesy and friendliness of the registration personnel that took your insurance and information. For 2011 the benchmark was 87.% and PAS at Methodist Fayette scored 90.8%. YTD the score is 92%.

We offer Life Links - American Sign Language Video Remote Interpreting for those patients that are hearing impaired or speak other languages. We also offer financial assistance for those patients that are approved of truly needing the help. I think the PAS team at Methodist Fayette Hospital in Somerville, TN are most deserving of this.

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