The quick, easy access to Passport helps me in my every day function to be a great Admitting Representative.  In a matter of seconds I have all the information that I need to provide accurate information and great customer service to our patients.  The information I obtain through Passport provides benefit information to me so that I can price out a patients procedure for them based on the information obtained through Passport.  The speedy response time allows me to get the information to the patient so they know exactly what to expect when coming in to our facility. 

We pride ourselves in great customer service and values and Passport has become an essential tool to our success here.  Our overall upfront collections have hit a record high this year and I attribute some of that success to the tools provided to us with Passport.  We have changed over and began utilizing their ecashiering function to collect the patient’s payments via cash, check, or charge.  We are now able to set up automated payment plans for our patients which have increased our overall collections monthly, it has allowed an easy stress free way to pay for our patients.  One of my favorite features of Passport is the tracking we have. 

At any point during the day I am able to run a report and see how our collections are going with this program.  Overall I am very happy with the features that Passport provides and it has become a key competence in our everyday functioning in the Admitting Department. 

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