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Our Team provides the gateway to patient satisfaction.

The Cleveland Clinic Pre-Access Department paves the way for patients to navigate smoothly through our vast Healthcare System by executing our processes at the highest levels of accuracy, production, and customer service from the point of "schedgistration."

We accomplish this by engaging our staff with monthly one-on-one meetings that outline our schedgistration production goals of 35 per day, quality goals of 98% accuracy, co-pay collection goals of $2,000 per collector, and call center metric goals of 25 seconds average speed to answer. We also work in annual individual development plans to further develop our caregivers that will make them more successful in their careers here at the Cleveland Clinic.
Our department produces a high-quality product by empowering over 60 cross-trained employees in a single scheduling and pre- registration call center, with access to over 20 unique revenue cycle applications, in order to ensure timely access to our facilities, timely/accurate delivery of patient statements, and upfront notification of out-of-pocket monies due before date of service.

We also promote financial clearance of all Self-Pay and Out-of-Network patients before the date of service; collection of copayments from patients for all contracted payers, before date of service; cost estimation of services being rendered, before date of service;  insurance eligibility verification and securing prior authorization, before date of service;  USPS address formatting to ensure statement and billing accuracy before and after date of service, and industry standard inbound and outbound call metrics to ensure calls are answered and returned timely.

Further, our team offers myriad avenues of access for our patients and community physicians that schedule on behalf of our patients at any one of the 15 facilities we service. For example, offices not on our Electronic Medical Record deployment can electronically send orders via a shared application system, also, we offer the option of faxing the order image into our inbound fax server, and, of course, we offer a 6 day-per-week, 7am to 8pm call center operation for patients, Dr’s offices, and hospitals to reach our call center!

In a rush or can’t reach us during normal business hours? That’s ok, too, because we have developed a report and tracking tool that will 100% guarantee a call back within 2 hours of leaving a message with our team, to schedule and register for an upcoming appointment!

Couldn't pre-register at the point of scheduling? That's ok, too, as we have several controls in place which employ automatic dialers to call patients to pre-register before their date of service.

Don't like calling into a call center? That's ok, too, as we have the option to submit Internet Registrations for our Main Campus surgery business.

If none of the aforementioned options will work for our patients, that's fine too, feel free to register on-site with our staff or register via a Kiosk for further convenience.

In the near future our 9 Hospitals will be migrating into one revenue cycle platform, and our $6 billion annual operation will be even more cohesive. Until that day comes this department will serve as the "Bridge" to ensure our patient satisfaction is not sacrificed.

All of this - systems, controls, processes, and metrics - to make it easier for our patients, and to be the Gateway into our health system!

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