Achieving hospital patient satisfaction and the quality patient experience is our primary goal at CHRISTUS Hospital St Elizabeth. This quest leads not only to satisfied and cared-for patients and families, but also to positive outcomes for our staff, our community and our organization’s health. To provide a quality patient experience, we have implemented key service excellence strategies to achieve a very positive progression towards obtaining excellent patient satisfaction.

In 2008, CHRISTUS implemented Quint Studer’s AIDET training (5 Fundamentals of Patient Communication).  This basic AIDET tool has been modified to also monitor key points that we call “Wow Factors”.  This tool is being further expanded to include auditing on knowledge of key performance indicators, fire safety, and general environment of care concerns.  Fully implemented in the ED, we have found that our staff responds with greater confidence when approached by other departments and our patients regarding our operations.

CHRISTUS has maintained excellent patient satisfaction scores in inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory and have generated significant improvements in ED satisfaction over the last few months.  In particular, our outpatient scores rated against an outstanding goal of 81% top box, we are achieving 85% MTD for March!

In 2011, CHRISTUS introduced the Nine Principles towards the journey to Excellence.
1. Commit To Excellence
2. Measure the Important Things
3. Build A Culture Around Service
4. Create and Develop Great Leaders
5. Focus on Patient Satisfaction
6. Build Individual Accountability
7. Align Behaviors with Goals
8. Communicate at all Levels
9. Recognize and Reward Success

Not on the list of Nine Principles but part of our leadership culture is let’s not give reasons why we cannot do something, we ask ourselves what can we do to achieve it!

In 2011, CHRISTUS developed outpatient subcommittees in an effort to further increase patient satisfaction scores, as a result, FY2011, we reached 80th percentile in patient satisfaction performance. For FY2012 we’ve gone to the next level and are at the 90th percentile.

In an effort to increase patient satisfaction on a more intimate level, weekly huddles consisting of various departments, meet daily to discuss positives and negatives to increase service improvements.  These are brief daily meetings, less than 15 minutes that include a reflection to help our staff center on what is important; courteous and compassionate care.
While we are collectively very pleased with our progress, we know we must continue to improve and grow in order to fulfill our mission, “To extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ”.  Our level of teamwork, communication and cooperation is the primary reasons our facility was voted 18 years in a row as the Beaumont Enterprise Readers’ Choice Award Winner. Communication, service recovery, and commitment to excellence are key to driving excellent patient satisfaction and maintain top performing levels in all key core measures.

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